About Us

Why Lyrical Fibers

All my colorways are names for lyrics or names of songs. I LOVE music, I love the fiber arts. I wanted a fun and whimsical line of yarn and that merged these two things. PLUS it is super fun when customers look up the name of a song they might have never heard before.

It makes me happy to help people discover unique songs and sometimes new to them artists. Sometimes when I dye a yarn I look up lyrics to songs that I haven’t heard before, and I get to learn about a new song/artist myself.

It is and amazing way to share music and fiber arts and I am having an absolute blast with it.

About Lyrical Fibers

Lyrical Fibers was started in 2019 after I became obsessed with hand-dyeing yarn. I had dyed yarn almost a decade ago with food coloring and kool-aid and loved it. In 2019 I lent a hand creating colorways for the 2019 Christmas Box for The Hook and Needle Nook using acid dyes.

I work for The Hook and Needle Nook and have crochet since I was about 7 or 8. I learned to knit to help myself after I had my son. I had a little case of postpartum depression. I joined an amazing knitting group (shout out to my Knit Night Friends) soon after learning to knit, and never stopped. Knitting also helped me after having my daughter later on.

I have always been drawn to the amazing colors hand dyers-come up with. Working at a yarn shop, I can tell that each of the hand dyers have a signature style to what they create. I am lucky enough to be surrounded with fiber experts who have all taught me more than I could imagine. The fiber community is such a great give and take, teach and learn community.

I love playing with depth of color and color saturation. My most popular yarn so far is “Lady in Red”, which plays with one depth of shade of red, layered with the same red toned with black. It creates such a fun and vibrant tonal yarn that I can’t seem to keep it in stock for long at The Nook.

I also love a challenge. If you have a colorway you would love to see, I would love to hear about it. I have the capability and tools to make self-striping yarn as well as speckles, variegated and tonal yarns. Have fun with everything you are working on and drop me a line if you have questions or fun comments. If you have knit something with my yarn, I would LOVE to put pictures in a section here on the website.

Owner/Dyer Tiffany Landres